We'll work with you to plan a modular commercial building that meets your space requirements and projects an image that reflects the unique personality and values of your company.

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ModSpace can add buildings almost anywhere on your campus in half the time of traditional building, and without distracting students.

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Franchise & Retail

We know construction. And we know you need strict adherence to brand standards, speed to build, speed to occupy, speed to revenue. We can do it. And we’ll make it easier for you.

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ModSpace proudly supports all levels and branches of our government with a wide range of fast, flexible modular building solutions.

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See more patients sooner and increase revenue generation with state-of-the-art modular buildings from MedBuild, the dedicated healthcare division of ModSpace.

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At the drill site, in the factory or at remote locations, ModSpace goes where you go.

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Sports & Entertainment

With modular, you can act fast, be creative, build without limitation and engage customers in a unique environment.

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About ModSpace Permanent Modular Buildings

With more than 45 years of experience in modular construction, we have the tools and the team to create a better building that also works within your timeline and budget.

More Experience

The ModSpace Construction Services team of in-house architects, designers, engineers and construction professionals is the largest in the industry. For more than two decades, ModSpace has been designing and building permanent modular structures and portable buildings.

Faster Delivery

Permanent modular construction uses simultaneous factory fabrication and site preparation to deliver a finished portable building that’s ready for occupancy up to 50% faster than traditional construction.

Easily Customizable

Modular buildings are quickly and easily configured and reconfigured or even moved to meet your changing needs.

  • Portable buildings can be moved to a new location at minimal expense.
  • Off-site manufacturing and quick on-site modification reduce disruption.
  • Modular building floor plans are easily changed to support your evolving business.
Consistently High Quality

ModSpace uses the latest manufacturing technologies to ensure every building is the highest quality.

  • Superior precision through high-tech machine-cut materials.
  • Proven repeatable design ensures consistent high-quality in every portable building.
  • Unmatched quality controls confirm spot-on manufacturing accuracy.
  • Available wood frame, steel and concrete or 100% concrete.

To learn more about ModSpace quality, go to modular building manufacturers.

Green & Sustainable

Our Construction Services Team can deliver an environmentally-friendly relocatable building that meets the highest green standards, including LEED certified.

  • Factory-controls make best use of materials and produce less waste.
  • Reduced energy consumption compared to on-site construction.
  • Minimal site disruption reduces production times and long-term footprint.
  • Comparatively more sustainable through strategic reuse and repurposing of portable modular buildings.
About ModSpace Temporary Modular Buildings
Modular Portable Buildings are ideal for:
  • Job Site Offices
  • Sales Offices
  • In-Plant Offices
  • Guard Houses
  • Any temporary building

Click or call today to speak with a ModSpace sales representative about how portable modular buildings from ModSpace can save you time and money now, and down the road.