Dialysis Clinics

With MedBuild's modular dialysis clinics, your business can quickly expand to serve the growing needs of your community while generating a faster return on your investment.

The construction of new or expanded dialysis clinics can be an extensive and costly process. MedBuild accelerates this process with permanent modular construction that delivers a patient-ready facility in up to 50% less time. That means you can see more patients sooner, minimizing downtime and maximizing your revenue stream.

Specialized Dialysis Buildings

As the dedicated healthcare division of ModSpace, MedBuild offers a wide range of standardized buildings specifically designed to meet the unique needs of dialysis clinics. These repeatable designs were formulated by an experienced team of nephrologists, clinical managers, nurses, patient care technicians, machine repair specialists, water system vendors, architects and engineers.

Modular Applications for Dialysis Clinics

Our team of healthcare experts developed standardized designs for 12, 16 and 18-station dialysis clinics based on careful analysis of clinic operations, workflow and patient needs. The MedBuild team also has the experience to work with you on all facets of design, engineering, construction and customization. Dialysis clinics can be built as standalone buildings or additions to existing medical centers.

A full range of standard and custom interior and exterior finishes allow you to tailor you new facility to fit your patients' needs and your budget.

Exterior Finishes

Predetermined designs streamline the planning and build process. Our team can also work with you to completely customize the look and feel of your new dialysis clinic to match existing buildings. Options include above-ground or at-grade set construction, and virtually unlimited choices for exterior trims and finishes.

Interior Finishes

Developed with the help of healthcare professionals, interiors are designed to promote comfort and wellness for patients, and intelligent, efficient workflow for caregivers and administrative staff. Standard offerings are easily upgraded or completely customized to meet your individual needs.

Patient features include:
  • Comfortably-sized waiting room
  • Short walk from the waiting area to the treatment area
  • Patient prep area between the waiting and treatment areas, including an in-floor patient scale and hand-wash sink
  • Optional individual patient TVs
  • Accessible restrooms
Caregiver features include:
  • Easily accessed supply storage immediately adjacent to the treatment area
  • Centrally-located clinic manager's office with window overlooking the treatment area
  • Nurse station at the center of the patient treatment area with unobstructed views of all patients
  • Isolation room with view windows and large sliding glass doors
  • Ample room for most water systems
  • Extra offices for doctors, social workers, dietitians or other members of your staff

Our team of  experts has developed an in-depth building specification that clearly outlines every component of your dialysis clinic. From patient care and comfort to water filtration, we detail every aspect of your new space and build to these exact specifications.