Custom Modular Schools

Tight timelines, shrinking budgets and strict requirements for green building are just a few of the issues making new school construction challenging.

ModSpace is the solution for schools in need of new or expanded learning facilities. With both temporary and permanent modular options to choose from (including green modular building solutions), ModSpace works with you to find the building solution that best suits your needs, budget and timeline.

Modular Applications for Education Include:
  • Complete schools and campuses
  • Charter or specialty schools
  • Dormitories and residence halls
  • Administrative offices
  • Media centers
  • Science labs
  • Libraries / University book stores
  • Lecture halls

Modular Buildings for Education Applications

Every one of our 80 branches throughout North America is well versed in the unique local requirements of education building projects, from school district budgets and timelines to state and local codes.

Temporary Modular Schools

Immediate needs for new or additional learning space are easily met with our extensive inventory of temporary modular classrooms. Ready for fast delivery and set up, these mobile units are available in several sizes, from a single classroom, to an expansive complex capable of housing an entire school.

Permanent Modular Schools

Our permanent modular buildings go up fast—up to four stories—and are built to last. They are also cost-effective and infinitely customizable to best support both teaching and learning.

Each project is managed by a member of our in-house construction services team from beginning to end. We ensure your project is completed on time, on budget and, most important, fulfills your highest expectations. Your positive endorsement is our measure of success.

Accelerated Building
The simultaneous manufacturing and site preparation process inherent in
permanent modular construction accelerates the build timeline by up to 50% compared to traditional construction.

Cost-Effective Solution

Abbreviated construction times reduce labor costs, while resource-efficient prefabrication makes the best use of materials. The end result is a lower cost to you.

Built to Last

The controlled manufacturing environment used in modular construction produces a superior structure that rivals site-built construction. Combine this with the extensive experience of the ModSpace construction services team, and your modular school will serve as a solid foundation for long-term learning.

Green Building

New state and local codes have many schools searching for green alternatives to traditional building. By comparison, custom modular construction produces far less waste and requires minimal site disruption compared to conventional building.

Modular Benefits for Education Include:
  • Flexible design
  • Available state-of-the-art high-tech facilities
  • Match existing structures and specifications
  • Eliminates high maintenance costs associated with aging buildings
  • Minimizes disruption to the site and learning environment
  • Inventory of temporary modular buildings provides immediate need fulfillment