Why Modular Construction?

Modular buildings from ModSpace can accelerate your construction timeline and save you money, with reduced impact on our environment.

What is modular construction?

Modular construction combines prefabricated building in a factory setting and simultaneous onsite preparation followed by onsite assembly and finishing. The result is built-to-last structure that’s up and running up to 50% faster than traditional construction.

Time is money. Modular is faster.



Prefabricated Construction Process

ModSpace takes full advantage of a controlled production environment, the latest manufacturing technologies, and the design flexibility of modular construction to produce high-quality permanent or temporary prefabricated buildings for any demand.

Repeatable design is a key benefit in prefab buildings. The consistent production process allows factory engineers and technicians to continually monitor the process and make improvements where possible to deliver the best possible product.

The prefab office building process starts with the assembly of a wood, steel and concrete or 100% concrete frame. Machine-cut wood, steel, or poured cement walls are added to the prefabricated modular buildings to exact design specifications. Electrical wiring and plumbing are installed before the unit is readied for transport. Redundant quality controls confirm spot-on manufacturing accuracy before every prefabricated office building leaves the factory.

Onsite Preparation

Modular construction takes multi-tasking to a whole new level. While your prefabricated offices are built in the factory, ModSpace construction services professionals are at your site preparing the foundation to receive the completed modules. The land is graded, cement foundation poured and piers are placed as needed to support the completed prefab offices.

Assembly and Finishing

With all modules complete and shipped to the site, the foundation prepped and ready, the prefabricated modular buildings are crane set into place and connected to the foundation and each other for a solid and durable completed building. Utilities are connected and your choice of exterior finishes are added, including perfectly matched to neighboring buildings.

The resulting prefabricated modular buildings are environmentally-friendly, with the all the same architectural aesthetics you would expect from conventional buildings. And with a greatly reduced time to occupancy, your business can start generating revenue sooner, and accelerate your return on investment.

Additional benefits of Prefabricated Offices

The ModSpace Construction Services Team can deliver environmentally-friendly prefab office buildings that meet the highest green standards, including LEED certified.

  • Factory-control makes the best use of materials and produces less waste.
  • Reduced energy consumption compared to on-site construction.
  • Minimal site disruption minimizes production times and long-term footprint.
  • Comparatively better sustainability though strategic reuse and repurposing of prefabricated office buildings.

More Flexible to Grow with Your Business

The component nature inherent in every prefab office building allows them to be quickly and easily configured and reconfigured to meet your changing needs.

  • Add, remove prefabricated modules at minimal expense.
  • Reduce disruption with offsite manufacturing and quick onsite modification.
  • Adjust and adapt floor plan to support new workflows and evolving business needs.
  • Greater design control and therefore fewer change orders.

More Value from Start to Finish

ModSpace delivers more overall value to every prefab office project with end-to-end Design-Build capabilities. Our in-house team of architects, engineers and construction professionals can take your modular construction project from white board to brick and mortar in less time.

From your ModSpace single point of contact you’ll get more information right upfront and the expert advice you need to make well-informed, confident decisions regarding the best building and process for you.

*Time saving, quality, and eco-impact claims based on research by the Modular Building Institute.