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Prefabricated Buildings

Modular buildings, commonly called prefabricated buildings, are made from all the same materials and meet all the same building International Building Codes (IBC) as conventionally built structures. The difference is the process. Modular construction uses simultaneous in-factory manufacturing and onsite foundation work to create built-to-last structures up to 50% faster than traditional construction. And with a greatly reduced time to occupancy, your business can start generating revenue sooner, and accelerate your return on investment. But that’s not the only benefit of modular.


Prefab offices can be designed and built to any size or shape, including multiple stories. And building aesthetics are easily matched surrounding structures.


The ModSpace Construction Services Team can deliver environmentally-friendly prefab office buildings that meet the highest green standards. 

• Factory-control makes better use of materials and produces less waste.
• Reduced energy consumption compared to onsite construction.
• Minimal site disruption due to shortened installation time.
• A more sustainable option due to strategic reuse and repurposing of prefabricated office buildings.


ModSpace uses the latest manufacturing technologies to produce high-quality temporary and permanent prefab buildings from wood, steel or concrete. Tight factory controls and repeatable processes ensure every component and finished structure meet strict specifications.


Prefabricated structures are easily configured and reconfigured to meet changing needs.

• Add, remove prefabricated modules at minimal expense.
• Reduce disruption with offsite manufacturing.