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About this Case Study


Turner Construction needed help to design and install a cutting-edge marketing centre for a new development project along the Boston waterfront. As part of the project, Turner wanted the Fan Pier Marketing Centre to have an unobstructed view of the surrounding waterfront area to create a sales centre with the "wow" factor.


ModSpace stepped in to design a modular building that would realize all of the customer’s aesthetic and functional objectives. Focusing on the dramatic view, a glass curtain wall was implemented into the design. Careful coordination between all involved was necessary to make sure all specifications were accurate and building was precise. Having the entire structure built together allowed the customer to make changes until the building was shipped.

This marketing centre is configured using (4) 10’x50’ modules. Two of the modules have a 6’ extension to support a canopy over the entrance to the building. The building is being used to market a large development project along the Boston waterfront, so the customer wanted much of the surrounding area to be visible from the building. With this in mind, a glass curtain wall was implemented into the design. The customer also envisioned the roof of this building to one day be a deck looking out at the new development, so the roof was designed to support such a load.

Using simultaneous modular construction and site preparation, the project was completed in just 84 days and Turner Construction is now another satisfied ModSpace customer.
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