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About this Case Study


Memorial Hospital of Jacksonville wanted to bring state-of-the-art emergency services to a rapidly growing community ahead of the competition. They knew that using traditional construction would take 11 months or longer for a comparable facility. The heath care network needed to accelerate their building time and minimize disruption to the traffic and commerce of this bustling area.


Hospital administrators looked to ModSpace to design and build the Kernan Medical Center quickly using modular construction. Simultaneous factory prefabrication and site preparation accelerated the project and allowed the doctors to start seeing patients in just six months, 40 percent faster than a similar traditionally built facility. The finished full-service emergency medical centre now serves the community 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Using precise factory-installation and strict quality controls the medical centre was constructed to the intricate technical requirements of a world-class healthcare facility. All exam and trauma rooms are equipped with the full range of med-gasses (oxygen, air and vacuum). Patient services include a digital imaging suite, decontamination room, triage and bariatric exam rooms.
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