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About this Case Study


When PSE&G SMD outgrew its existing office, the company set its sights on a new space that would be consistent with its commitment to a greener future. They turned to ModSpace.


ModSpace helped PSE&G realize its vision with a new LEED-certifiable facility that was ready for occupancy in less than 90 days. Working in lock step with representatives of PSE&G, ModSpace built the new office from four modules that can be easily relocated and reused, which will reduce future building costs and construction waste.

Exterior and interior aesthetics were designed and built to match the look and feel of PSE&G’s neighbouring building just 20 feet away.

The LEED-certifiable building incorporates systems that reduce the building’s water consumption and increase energy performance. Indoor Environmental Quality was a significant part of obtaining LEED credits. The IAQ management plan involved the use of low emitting materials and controllability of lighting and thermal comfort systems. Careful construction, waste management, the use of recycled content, and recyclability were all keys to keeping the project green.

LEED certification for this building is currently in process. PSE&G employees have moved in and are enjoying their new sustainable office building. nstruction on track when students arrived for the new school year.
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