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About this Case Study


Suncor Energy was in the process of completing an extraction plant replacement project at their Oil Sands operation in Northern Alberta, Canada. Part of their requirements included the need for a control room building. This facility would be utilized by a wide variety of key Suncor operating personnel, and as such needed to address a wide range of needs, while operating within the extreme weather conditions common in that area.


ModSpace worked with a large engineering team and the client to review their needs. In conjunction with all parties, ModSpace assisted in the development of a very technical facility that addressed all of the customers’ needs. The building would be three stories high consisting of 25 modules totaling more than 15,000 square feet of interior space. One additional module was added to house the elevator shaft and cartridge which, along with the two stairwells, would provide access to all three floors. A wheel chair lift was also installed at the front entrance.

A full sprinkler and fire alarm was installed throughout. The server room was finished with a sealed gas suppression system, and the control room included automated actuated fire dampening systems all controlled by a B.A.S system. Restroom fixtures were upgraded throughout and included water-saving motion sensors.

The first floor of the facility houses operating personnel, the control room, permit centre, a small kitchen area, the server room and restrooms. A large cafeteria and locker rooms occupy the second floor. The third floor includes office and conference room space with a large open area in the centre.

The design and manufacturing of the Suncor control building was completed in just eight months. The accelerated production schedule included day and evening shifts at the factory. The facility was then shipped 1200-plus Kilometers from the factory to the site for installation. Due to the highly technical nature of the facility and its components, the modules were shipped from the factory in various stages of completion. This allowed ModSpace to ensure all of the components were functional and met Suncor’s high standards.
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