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About this Case Study


Valero Energy Corporation, a Fortune 500 energy company based in San Antonio, Texas, wanted to upgrade and consolidate its office space for its Houston Asphalt Terminal facility. At the time, nearly 20 employees were working out of two disconnected modular units. Valero wanted a workspace that looked, felt and operated like a permanent facility. The company also needed a concrete floor that could withstand the heavy traffic and abuse of the day-to-day operations of an asphalt plant.


ModSpace partnered with Ameri-Tech Building Systems to manufacture the concrete floor, which was mixed, framed and poured at Ameri-Tech's factory. ModSpace assembled the temporary modular complex in a two-by-three-module configuration. The concrete floors were finished and stained on site, which added a unique look and feel. Steps, decks, ramps, and steel canopies were added on site.

Within 90 days ModSpace completed the 3,139-square-foot structure. The facility includes a laboratory, office complex, employee lounge, locker room, restrooms and shower facilities.
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