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About this product


  • 480 sq. ft.
    Building Size
  • 50 PSI
    Blast Rated Exterior Doors
  • 8 PSI
    Freefield Overpressure
  • 200 milliseconds
    Duration of Events


They're full-functioning lavatories with all the benefits of a BRM. Place them almost anywhere at your site, on any hard surface.


  • Designed for the Canadian climate
  • 1/4” all-steel construction
  • 50-PSI blast-rated exterior doors
  • 20-gauge metal interior wall studs
  • Bard, Class 1 Div 2 HVAC system
  • Class 1 Div 2 electrical system
  • Self-contained pumbing and sewage systems.
  • Suspended ceiling with 2’ x 4’ panels 5/8” vinyl covered sheetrock interior walls
  • VCT flooring with vinyl cove base
  • Custom options available

All features noted are ModSpace standards. Specifications and floor plans may vary. Wood, vinyl and metal exteriors, skirting and other custom features, options and finishes are available upon request.

Contact your local ModSpace representative for details on units available in your area.

12' x 40' Blast Resistant Module Lavatory Unit Applications

  • Administrative Offices

    Whether you need a new office, additional space or swing space during construction, temporary mobile office buildings can be operational in days.

  • Breakrooms

    Give workers a comfortable place to recharge their batteries. Modular breakrooms are ready quickly and easily relocated as your needs change.

  • Restrooms

    Quickly add temporary or permanent restroom facilities.

  • Locker Change Rooms

    Give workers a place store personal items and clean up when the day is done.

Recommended Add-Ons

  • Decks
  • Furniture
  • Holding Tanks
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