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About this product


  • 384 sq. ft.
    Building Size
  • 100 lbs.
    Per square foot floor load
  • 800 gal.
    Internal water storage tank


With 384 square feet of space, our 12' x 32' skid-mounted lavatory trailer is easily setup as two separate restrooms for men and women or a single unit for all.


  • Innerseal wood panels or metal sided
  • High-quality vinyl floors
  • LPG or NG heat
  • Spring-loaded traps
  • OPTIONAL: 1,000-gallon external sewage tank w/float controlled alarm
  • OPTIONAL: skirting

All features noted are ModSpace standards. Specifications and floor plans may vary. Wood, vinyl and metal exteriors, skirting and other custom features, options and finishes are available upon request.

Contact your local ModSpace representative for details on units available in your area.

12' x 32' Skid Lavatory Trailer Applications

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