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Mobile Offices for Rent

Renting portable offices from ModSpace is easy. Delivery is guaranteed on-time. And all mobile office rentals are backed by world-class service, so you know your mobile office will be ready on time, as promised.

Choose from our large fleet of mobile offices, including our standard office trailers, the innovative HQ and our upgraded designer series offices. Regardless of your need, we have the right office for you.

Request a mobile office rental quote today. Looking to purchase a building?

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Standard Office Trailers for Rent

Office trailers from ModSpace are your dependable workhorse for any job.

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Mobile Office Trailers for Rent

Looking for a mobile office that can easily accommodate your unique needs? Whether it’s for a construction site project or a shortage of office space for your growing business, ModSpace has you covered with a variety of mobile office rental solutions. All of our office trailers are meticulously prepped, checked and confirmed ready to go, so you can focus on getting your job done on day one. Explore all our mobile office trailer sizes for rent and get a quote today.

12' x 56' Office Trailer

Our largest single-wide mobile office trailer works for big and small projects. Add a ModSafe™ portable storage unit, steps and furniture to any portable office trailer rental for only a few dollars a day. Get a rental quote now. We also offer a selection of office trailers for sale if you're looking for a more permanent solution.

View a Downloadable Floor Plan.

10' x 44' Office Trailer

One of our most popular office trailers, it has twice the space of our smallest office and enough room for the entire team. Get a rental quote now.

View a Downloadable Floor Plan.

8' x 28' Job Site Trailer

Our two-room mobile office trailers give you the privacy you need, plus enough room to meet with your team. Add a storage unit for just a few more dollars a day. Get a rental quote now.

View a Downloadable Floor Plan.

8' x 28' Combo Office/Storage Trailer

Perfect when you need a little of each, this versatile office trailer gives you an office and storage container in one tight package. Get a rental quote now. 

View a Downloadable Floor Plan.

8' x 20' Office Trailer

A great mobile office trailer for smaller projects. And when space is limited our 8' x 20' portable office trailers for rent fit almost anywhere. Get a rental quote now.

View a Downloadable Floor Plan.

HQ Ground-Level Offices for Rent

HQ Ground-level Office

The ModSpace HQ is a true original. Stack it up and build it out. The HQ is easily configured and reconfigured to meet any need.

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HQ Ground-level Office
HQ® Ground-level Office

The 8' x 20' HQ takes the place of a converted container office or a small mobile office. Connect multiple HQ units side by side, end to end or stack them up to 3 high. Swap out walls for windows or doors to create a building that fits your need. Get a rental quote now. Or, click here to browse our office trailers for sale.

Designer Office Trailers for Rent

Designer offices from ModSpace give you all the form and function of a professional office.

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12' x 56' Designer Office

When space is limited, our largest single-wide designer office fits the bill for most professional needs. 

View a Downloadable Floor Plan.

12' x 44' Designer Office

Add 40% more room than our 32' office. That's more room to manage your project, meet with clients and relax when your work is done. 

View a Downloadable Floor Plan.

Blast Resistant Modules for Rent

Stop lengthy trips to off-site safe zones. Keep workers safe and productive on-site with Blast Resistant Modules.

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12' x 40' Blast Resistant Module

Stop lengthy trips to off-site safe zones. Keep workers safe and productive with Blast Resistant Modules.

One source. One call. One Bill.

ModSpace has everything you need to be productive from day 1. Watch this short video to learn more.

One source. One call. One Bill.
Mobile Offices

Mobile Offices Applications

  • Administrative Offices

    Whether you need a new office, additional space or swing space during construction, temporary mobile office buildings can be operational in days.

  • Special Event Buildings

    Use our portable office space for green rooms, media centers, ticket booths, security offices, first aid stations and concession stands.

  • Sales Offices

    Leave your professional mobile office space to us, so you can stay focused on selling.

  • Industrial Plant Shutdowns

    Modular office space keeps employees and inspectors onsite during planned closures. ModSpace can place your modular office almost anywhere, on any hard surface.

  • Construction Site Office Trailers

    Portable offices can be setup almost anywhere at your site and operational in within days, so you’re ready to go from day 1.

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