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Modular Complexes for Rent

ModSpace has a fleet of standard and built-to-order complexes for temporary or permanent use.

Our in-house team of architects, engineers and construction professionals can build your complex to any size and configuration, and have it operational in weeks, not months. And you can add or remove sections as your need changes, so you only pay for the space you need.

Let us help with a needs assessment, design and build services, furniture, holding tanks, and more. Request a quote or give us a call now to find out how you get speed, certainty and simplicity when you choose ModSpace.

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Office Complexes for Rent

View our standard-size modular complexes or contact us to talk about your individual needs.

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24' x 60' Office Complex

Twice the size and triple the utility, our double-wide office complex has volumes of functional space so you can keep your entire team in one place. Add a portable storage unit and keep everything on one easy bill. 

View a Downloadable Floor Plan.

36' x 60' Office Complex

With 6 private offices and a large common area, consider this modular complex for mid-size and large projects. Customize it with meeting rooms or breakrooms. 

View a Downloadable Floor Plan.

48' x 60' Office Complex

More space means greater flexibility. Choose between our standard 8-office layout or a custom floor plan to meet your needs. Add a 20' or 40' ModSafe™ portable storage unit for just a few dollars more per day. 

View a Downloadable Floor Plan.

Designer Office Complexes

See our more professionally appointed office space, ideal for sales centers and administrative swing space.

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24' x 44' Designer Office

Step up to our three-office floor plan and give team leaders the private space they while keeping support staff under one roof. 

View a Downloadable Floor Plan.

24' x 56' Designer Office

With nearly 300 sq. ft. more floor space than our 24' x 44' model, our largest designer office also makes a big in utility and comfort. Simply said… That's more room for everything you need. 

View a Downloadable Floor Plan.

HQ Complex

HQ modular complex - Deck view

Our most versatile modular complex, the HQ can be stacked 3 high and connected side-by-side to any size or configuration.

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HQ modular complex - Deck view
HQ Complex

HQ® is strong, quiet, secure, energy-efficient and adaptable. It goes wherever you need it and takes any size or shape. It works for tight urban settings and rural projects.


E-plex buildings are specifically designed to be connected to form larger modular complexes in any size or configuration.

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Our most versatile modular complex, E-plex buildings are easily connected to any size or configuration. Our in-house design team will create a floor plan that supports your workflows so your team is productive from day 1. 

Time Lapse - Office Complex in 38 Days

The title says it all. Watch this short video and see 5 weeks flash by as ModSpace constructs a fully functional 7-unit mobile office complex. When it comes to adding buildings in days (not months), there really is no substitute.

Time Lapse - Office Complex in 38 Days
Time Lapse

Complexes Applications

  • Administrative Offices

    Whether you need a new office, additional space or swing space during construction, temporary mobile office buildings can be operational in days.

  • Construction Site Office Trailers

    Portable offices can be setup almost anywhere at your site and operational in within days, so you’re ready to go from day 1.

  • Industrial Plant Shutdowns

    Modular office space keeps employees and inspectors onsite during planned closures. ModSpace can place your modular office almost anywhere, on any hard surface.

  • Sales Offices

    Leave your professional mobile office space to us, so you can stay focused on selling.

  • Special Event Buildings

    Use our portable office space for green rooms, media centers, ticket booths, security offices, first aid stations and concession stands.

  • Retail Space

    Build your storefront with modular. ModSpace can build retail space that serves customers and retailers.

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