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Modular Building Construction & Rental

Modular building accelerates your path to occupancy, reduces material waste, ensures exceptional quality and lessens site disruption. 

Starting with a needs assessment, we’ll work with you to take your project from a blank page to the ribbon cutting. Our in-house team of architects, designers, engineers and construction professionals use the latest design and building technologies, such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), to create functional modular buildings that support the needs of our customers.

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About Custom Modular Construction

Modular buildings have all the same materials and meet all of the same code requirements as traditional buildings, but are built in a controlled factory setting. The benefits include shortened time to completion, precision manufacturing and finished buildings that are easily reconfigured, even relocated.

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The Custom Modular Construction Process

Simultaneous onsite preparation and offsite manufacturing cuts build times by as much as half compared to site-built structures.

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The Custom Modular Construction Process
Architect Insights

Custom Modular Construction Solutions For All Major Industries


Whether you need a temporary building or permanent, we can design and build offices that support the unique pace and flow of your business. And because it’s modular, your building can be expanded to meet changing needs.
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ModSpace helps schools develop build plans required for project approval. Our temporary classrooms can be ready quickly, almost anywhere on your campus, and without disrupting the learning process. Some installations can even be done over a weekend. Permanent school buildings can be ready up to 50% faster, and matched to existing buildings.
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Portable modular buildings can be delivered and ready in days or weeks, even in remote locations. The result is functional space for working and living that also works within tight timeframes.
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Franchise and Retail

Our franchise and retail team knows how to design and build facilities that serve customers and operators. Temporary buildings from ModSpace are the fastest way to open your doors to new business. For permanent facilities, ModSpace has repeatable designs and custom modular buildings that cut startup times by half, so you’re on the path to ROI sooner.
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ModSpace is experienced at working with federal, state and local government agencies. Our in-house team of architects, engineers and construction professionals will evaluate your agency’s needs and requirements and quickly provide approved relocatable buildings. Semi-permanent facilities can also be ready in half the time of traditional construction.
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Only ModSpace has MedBuild, our dedicated healthcare division. The MedBuild team works with doctors, nurses and administrators to design buildings for optimal workflow and patient care. Temporary buildings for rent are delivered and ready in days. Permanent modular facilities are built offsite and delivered to your location up to 90% complete, so patient disruption is minimal.
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We know the tough demands and strict requirements for industrial buildings. We can help with in-plant offices, training facilities, lunchrooms, restrooms, guard houses, blast resistant buildings and in-plant offices. Our portable buildings can be placed almost anywhere, in or around your facility, without disrupting operations.
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Sports and Entertainment

Our dedicated sales, design and construction team for sports and entertainment knows how to add new revenue-generating facilities quickly, almost anywhere on your site. For short-term needs, a portable building can be ready in time for your next event and removed when it’s done. Permanent modular buildings can be operational up to 50% faster, so you’re ready when the next season starts.
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