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Government Building Solutions

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Our dedicated modular building government team knows how to work with local, state and federal government agencies as well as the military.

We understand the intricate requirements of the Unified Facilities Criteria as well as the need for security clearances. Our in-house team of architects, engineers and construction professionals will walk you through the entire process of adding quality facilities quickly.

Our Solutions

Custom Construction
Modular buildings have all the same materials and meet all of the same code requirements as traditional buildings, but are built in a controlled factory setting.

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Portable Storage Units
Protect valuables from theft, vandalism, severe weather and more with ModSafe™ mobile storage units and modular storage buildings for rent.

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Standard Office Trailers
Office trailers from ModSpace are your dependable workhorse for any job.

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ModSpace has a fleet of standard and built-to-order complexes for temporary or permanent use. We can build your complex to any size and configuration, and have it operational in weeks, not months. And you can add or remove sections as your need changes, so you only pay for the space you need.

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