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From temporary classrooms for fast-growing schools to complete permanent campuses, ModSpace provides schools and school administrators with modular buildings for learning and working.

Temporary school buildings can be ready in days, while permanent modular school buildings can be completed in half the time of traditional construction. Our in-house team of architects, engineers and construction professionals will work with you every step of the way, from developing a build plan and permitting, through the first day of instruction.

Our Solutions

Custom Construction
Modular buildings have all the same materials and meet all of the same code requirements as traditional buildings, but are built in a controlled factory setting.

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Portable Storage Units
Protect valuables from theft, vandalism, severe weather and more with ModSafe™ mobile storage units and modular storage buildings for rent.

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Standard Office Trailers
Office trailers from ModSpace are your dependable workhorse for any job.

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Modular classrooms are easily configured to the needs of your school and placed almost anywhere on your campus.

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  • Classrooms

    Add temporary or permanent modular classrooms quickly, almost anywhere on your campus.

  • Administrative Offices

    Whether you need a new office, additional space or swing space during construction, temporary mobile office buildings can be operational in days.

  • Teacher Lounges

    Not just for teaching, our buildings make great breakrooms and teacher lounges.

  • Special Event Buildings

    Use our portable office space for green rooms, media centers, ticket booths, security offices, first aid stations and concession stands.

  • Daycare Facilities

    Modular is ideal for adding temporary or permanent early childhood education centers. Whether your expanding an existing facility or building and all-new location, ask us how we can help with modular daycare facilities.

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    Furniture, steps… we have everything you need. 1 call. 1 provider. 1 bill.

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