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About this Case Study


Iron Ore Company of Canada needed workforce housing in remote Labrador City in order to complete Phase 1 & 2 of their iron ore mine expansion project. As the general contractor and agent for Iron Ore Company, Bechtel Canada quickly realized the existing onsite workforce housing was insufficient and no additional rooms were available in nearby Labrador City. The only option was to build new rooms.

The private rooms needed to include all the basics for comfortable living with a bed, closet, washroom with shower, computer desk, night table, personal refrigerator, television and internet access. Laundry facilities also needed to be located within close proximity.

Unfortunately, with winter temperatures often reaching as low as -50° C, any construction in the region would prove challenging. Nonetheless, the new rooms needed to be ready for occupancy as soon as possible to ensure the project remained on track.


By using simultaneous onsite foundation preparation and offsite modular construction in a controlled factory setting, ModSpace delivered and installed 3 large dormitories in just 3 months effectively keeping Iron Ore and Bechtel’s expansion plans on track. Two more buildings will follow in the coming months.

Once all are completed, each of the 5 dorms will stand 3-stories high and measure 22,320 square feet. Each includes 87 bedrooms, plus laundry and janitor rooms. The buildings are also resource efficient, with Energy Star-rated washers, dryers, refrigerators and televisions throughout. High efficiency ventilation was also installed in every building, while 3 fire cabinets on all floors provide additional safety for workers.

ModSpace also answered the need for local food services with a kitchen that would allow workers to remain onsite instead of going to restaurants for every meal.

Using in-house Design-Build capabilities, and faster, offsite modular construction, ModSpace was able to deliver this enormous project on time and on budget so that Iron Ore Company could capitalize on the rising market price of its product and increase revenue.
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