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About this Case Study


The small town of Cape Vincent, New York is a major avenue for the Thousand Islands and on into Canada. As such, the US Government has always maintained a customs office at this location. With the increase in national security, the Government decided to upgrade the location and add Immigration as well as Border Patrol personnel. In order to accommodate this need, a larger facility was required within a short period of time.


ModSpace submitted a bid for a modular structure that would blend in with the surrounding buildings. The 1,500 square foot building contains space for three Government branches (Border Patrol, Immigration and State Police) and is fitted with two correctional quality holding cells with welded steel underlay surrounding each of the cells. The use of specific siding and roofing materials allowed the facility to blend into the surrounding buildings.

Preparation work began on the site while the building was constructed in the factory. Both were finished on time and the new building was ready for occupancy just prior to the May 1st deadline thus allowing the US Border Patrol to take occupancy ahead of schedule.
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