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About this Case Study


Working within an extremely limited space, ModSpace designed and delivered a floorless modular two story complex with classrooms and bathrooms on the lower level, and offices, a full kitchen/lunch room and storage on the second level. The training classes planned for the new facility included the need to periodically roll heavy equipment inside the training room without the use of a ramp system or other special equipment.


The original facility that would house the new building was completed in the early 1900s and expanded 48 times. As such, no accurate drawings were available to aid in the design of the new facility. ModSpace completed a detailed building survey and analysis of the existing conditions before it could design an in-plant classroom that would make the best possible use of the limited available space.

ModSpace designed a floorless lower level building that would complement the existing factory floor and enable trainers to easily move heavy equipment in and out of the training rooms. The “floorless” modular building was fabricated offsite and delivered on a temporary steel carrier system. This lower profile building also allows the assembly team access to the inside of the facility though the low overhead doors. The “floorless” lower level modules were removed from their carriers by the in-plant crane and set on to the existing pre-finished factory floor. Upper level modules were also designed with lower floor to roof heights. Once inside, the limited space and low roof height required a single 50 ton forklift to lift each module into place without the need of an overhead crane.

The modular solution allowed the factory to minimize onsite disruption to their day to day business operations. The finished two-story training facility is spacious enough for the customer’s growing employee training program while allowing them to have the trainers and training equipment within a centralized area to increase productivity and efficiency.
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