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About this Case Study


The U.S. Army had an emergency need to expand its facilities at Fort Knox and accommodate almost 1,000 new soldiers


ModSpace and its strategic partner, Alutiiq, worked closely with the Fort Knox to design temporary modular complexes that would deliver 122,000 square feet of temporary space utilizing 154 modular units on four project sites.

Just 124 days after breaking ground, Fort Knox had four new two-story barracks, four battalion headquarters buildings and six classrooms. As a result, the post was able to meet housing and training initiatives.

All of the construction materials met the Army's force protection codes, including blast-proof windows and doors, progressive collapse capabilities, and the U.S. Green Building Council's standards for a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver certification requirements to designate an environmentally friendly design.

ModSpace was awarded an overall rating of Outstanding from the US Army Corps of Engineers, Louisville District, for the final performance evaluation of the successful completion of a major installation project at Fort Knox.

"Through the combined efforts of the project delivery team—including the contractors involved, Alutiiq and ModSpace—as well as the site development subcontractor, we were all able to achieve project success." —Viril Heinselmann, US Army Corps of Engineers, Louisville District.

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