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About this Case Study


The Jesse Kaplan School needed four new classrooms with ADA-approved restrooms to accommodate special needs children. School officials liked modular construction for its minimal site disturbance, accelerated build timeline and cost savings over conventional building. But they also needed an at-grade structure that would allow students in wheelchairs to access the new classrooms without navigating steps or ramps.


Michael Shilale Architects and ModSpace worked together to develop a building solution that met all of the school’s needs. Using a floorless modular approach, ModSpace was able to seamlessly blend the new facility with the existing school hallway without steps or ramps. This building method also reduced costs by minimizing excavation, grading and fill disposal.

As with all modular construction, the five building components were constructed offsite in a factory. Floorless modular is just that. The buildings were shipped to the site without a floor, and then lifted onto the monolithic slab foundation, which serves as the floor. The monolithic slab provides superior load-bearing capacities, and the cement slab is an ideal base for custom flooring finishes.

Once in place, the modular units were welded to the foundation. ModSpace then added the flooring, drop ceilings, and the interior finish work. Large windows were installed on two walls for natural light and reduced energy costs. A site-built connecting corridor now covers the walkway between the two buildings.

Even though the site was struck by an earthquake and two hurricanes during the installation, the classrooms were delivered and ready for occupancy on time and on budget. School is now in session.

Watch a time-lapse video of the floorless modular installation at the Kaplan School and learn more on the ModSpace Blog.
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