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About this Case Study


Nash General Hospital wanted a permanent imaging suite to replace the mobile PET/CT trailer they had been renting for years at a high monthly rate. It was also important to have the new imaging facility seamlessly integrate into their existing radiology department. Additional requirements included non-combustible materials and a concrete floor capable of supporting the 6,500-pound PET/CT equipment. The patient-ready facility had to be built, the equipment installed and be fully operational as soon as possible.


The MedBuild team tailored every detail of the new diagnostic imaging suite to Nash’s precise specifications in just six months. The 1,064-square-foot patient-ready facility includes two modular components and contains an imaging room, a control room with administrative space and two private patient waiting rooms.

The new Hospital imaging Suite was seamlessly integrated into the existing radiology department with a glass corridor that provides a natural, open-air atmosphere. The exterior was finished in brick and the interior was constructed with the same interior colours and materials as the hospital.

“Once the exterior was finished to match the hospital, no one believes that the building is modular construction.” — Kendal P. Greco, Supervisor PET/CT and Nuclear Medicine, Nash General Hospital

First Place 2010 MBI Award

Permanent, Healthcare, under 5,000 sq. ft.
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