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About this Case Study


After selling their first winery, the Rosenblum family was starting a new venture on Alameda Naval Air Station not far from their original location. Due to the Naval base location, the winery was not allowed to build a permanent foundation. The same requirement also presented challenges for utility connections. These constraints were complicated by the need to open its doors for business and start generating revenue as soon as possible.


The start-up winery needed a tasting room, commercial kitchen and geodesic dome to host special events such as weddings and other large parties. ModSpace delivered the finished winery in just a few months, allowing the Rosemblum family to get their new winery off the ground and start seeing a return on their investment.

Working closely with the Rosenblum family and Daniel Hoy Architecture, ModSpace delivered ready-to-instal prefabricated buildings to serve as the lavishly appointed tasting room, large commercial kitchen, walk-in refrigerator and adjacent restroom building. Through modular building, ModSpace created a permanent structure with temporary buildings that required no permanent foundation.

Once all modules were in place, the tasting room interior was elegantly finished to create a truly memorable wine tasting experience. The main wine bar features a dark granite countertop and stained walnut cabinets and floor. Above, full-height ceilings reveal exposed black spiral ducting with hanging pendant lighting throughout.

"The coordination between the architect, our project management team and the client was essential due to the technical factors involved in the commercial kitchen and many aesthetic considerations for the tasting room," said ModSpace Territory Sales Manager Kellie McKeown.

A unique barn door was added to one side of the tasting room to provide a dramatic segue to the outside deck. This large passageway also facilitates easier movement by service personnel during crowded events.

The winery also added a geodesic dome as part of their event centre for hosting large special events. With the notoriety of the Rosenblum's famous zinfandels, the new event centre was in full swing immediately featuring not only their wines, but a spectacular backdrop of the San Francisco skyline.

"We were unsure what to expect when we embarked on this project, but the ModSpace staff were extremely accommodating, professional and courteous throughout the entire project. They were quick to respond to our concerns and inquiries and we are very happy with the end results."

Roger Rosenblum
General Manager
Rock Wall Wine Company, Inc.
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