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About this Case Study


One of the largest YUM Brands franchisees saw an opportunity to open a Taco Bell in Grundy, Virginia. Currently operating more than 100 restaurants, they knew opening their doors sooner was the key to fast tracking ROI. Entering the market ahead of the competition was also essential to winning new customers and long-term profitability.


The franchisee partnered with ModSpace to accelerate the opening of their new franchise. Using modular construction, ModSpace was able to design, engineer, manufacture and deliver a finished Taco Bell in 88 days; about 40 days faster than traditional construction methods.

Starting in the factory, ModSpace built the restaurant from existing and approved designs. This reduced expensive design fees and start-up costs, creating a repeatable strategy for quickly bringing additional locations to market. For seamless installation, the restaurant was designed and constructed of steel and concrete modules. Complete interior and exterior finishes, including all parapets and towers, were installed at the factory. The building was assembled before leaving the factory, and a comprehensive QA/QC inspection confirmed adherence to strict specifications. Modules were shipped to their final location 90 percent complete and installed within 24 hours. Final finish work, including stitching of mate lines, was completed the next day.

The Taco Bell franchise is a Type II non-combustible building which often qualifies for lower insurance rates than wood buildings. It also has lower maintenance costs and is insect resistant. Most importantly, it created a faster path to market and greater earning potential for the franchisee.
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