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What size office trailer do I need?

As a rule of thumb, plan on 100 sq. ft. per occupant. For professional offices, such as sales centers, plan on 150 sq. ft. per occupant. Learn how to choose the right office trailer here. Of course, our sales representatives are always available to help you find the right building too.

What do I need to do to prepare for delivery?

Make sure you have a hard, flat foundation ready where the building will be located. You’ll also need to make sure you have a clear path with an additional 6 feet on each side. If you are connecting to water or power, contact your local utility providers to arrange service. Get any required permits required by local, state or federal agencies. Watch this short video to learn about all the things you need to do before your office trailer delivery.

Do I need any permits for my office trailer?

Permitting requirements vary from place to place. You are responsible for obtaining any required permits. Contact your local permitting office to found out what local, state and federal permits are required in your area. Our local sales team can help too.

How do I set the thermostat in my office trailer?

Instead of telling you, let us show you in this short video.

Can I buy an office trailer?

Sure. We have a range of used office trailers for sale to fit just about any need and budget. You can browse our inventory and find a few of the

buildings available for sale in your area in our Online Showroom.  To get information on additional buildings that are available please contact your local sales representative by calling 800-523-7918.  You can also visit any one of our local offices to view the buildings.

I need help preparing a foundation. Can ModSpace do this?

Yes we can. We have a large in-house team of architects, engineers and construction professionals that can help with everything from initial design through the ribbon cutting.

Do I need to perform any regular maintenance?

Like any other building, some regular maintenance is needed to keep your office trailer in good condition. The good news is… it’s not hard and usually takes just a few minutes a month. Watch this video to learn more about regular office trailer maintenance.

When will my office trailer be delivered after I sign my lease?

We’ll call you to find a date works for both our schedules. Most buildings are delivered in 3-5 business days from the time the lease is finalized. For rush orders, it may be possible to deliver as early as the next day.

What other items can ModSpace provide?

We have pretty much everything you need to get operational, including steps, ramps, furniture, sanitation services and more. Just give us a call and tell us what you need. Or, click here for a list of some of our most popular add-ons.

How do I lease an office trailer?

The process is relatively simple. Start with an instant online quote

or call our sales team at 800-523-7918. One of our sales representatives will follow-up to confirm the details and make sure you have everything you need and finalize your lease. Once your lease is signed, our dispatch team will coordinate delivery with you. There’s a bit more do it, but not much. We like to keep things simple. Here's a quick look at the delivery and set-up process.

Can I extend my lease?

Certainly. Our lease renewal process is quick and painless. Give us a call and we’ll get it started.

Can I move my office trailer to my next project at another location?

Yes. We have relocation and renewal programs that extend your lease and save you money on transportation. Call us at 800-523-7918 and we’ll walk you through it.

What can I do to avoid end of lease charges?

Start by treating your office trailer as you would any other office. Regular maintenance is essential. Use door and chair mats to protect the floor. And call us if anything is not operating correctly or looks out of place so we can fix it right away. Click here to watch a short video about avoiding end of lease charges.

How do I schedule the return of my office trailer?

Give us a call at 800-523-7918. We’ll schedule someone to pick it up.